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Sunday, 26 September 2010

International political lessons...

The Post on international lessons for the Pact :
It is always good to study the way other people do things and learn some lessons. This is because we don’t live in a vacuum. The United Kingdom has just recently formed a coalition government which brought together two unlikely bedfellows – the Conservatives on the one side and the Liberal Democrats on the other. We are not saying that the situation that obtained when the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats came together is the same as what is happening here, but there are some principles that could help us to better understand what is happening in the PF-UNPD pact.
We said as much earlier this year - see International lessons for the UPND-PF pact.

I have to say what has been most puzzling about the now defunct PACT is the collective failure to articulate a coherent policy platform by UPND and PF. Their supporters will say, "ah but the MMD would steal our ideas". Nonsense! So if they did, isn't that a good outcome for everyone? What is wrong with coming up with ideas which the government of the day steals and adopts? Isn't that the whole point of an opposition? To generate ideas that the party in government is either forced to adopt or is persuaded to adopt because in both cases the incentives are just too powerful for inaction?  I would also say it is not "optimal" in the long term for MMD to keep stealing ideas anyway because sooner or later people will realise that MMD has no intellectual drive. So this excuse by the opposition supporters is hollow. 

Also I don't think the MMD would steal any ideas by the opposition unless there's no ideological differentiation - in which case, why have multiple parties? Indeed, MMD cannot steal ideas from the opposition because I believe even in government their policies are drafted by multilateral institutions and foreign donors. There's no indigenous Zambian driven policies there. So we have two parties who can't generate ideas and another which is dictated to. How many years have we been "independent" now ?

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