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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Linking Zambia (Mwanawasa Foundation)

A new website for the Levy Mwanawasa Foundation. It has a rather unprofessional look about it, so it is difficult to know whether it is an "official" website. Nevertheless, its one to watch going forward.


  1. Zambians have never been known for slick eye catching presentation, marketing nor packaging. We are just horrible! For example just have a look at the websites of various newspapers in East Africa and the rubbish that we have in Zambia such as the Post and the two govt papers. I was horrified when someone brought me copies of the Post. It looks worse than their website. Not that the Website is of any acceptable standard for a serious national newspaper anyway.

  2. Yes, yes, yes......
    Zambia rubbish this, Zambia rubbish that...

  3. The curious case of the Mwanawasa Foundation website continues. This website was launched to coincide with the second anniversary of LPM’s death and the launch of the foundation. As far as I know it’s an official website courtesy of his family (and friends). The work of the foundation is supposed to represent his legacy and the ideals for which he stood. It looks like much work still remains to be done since many of the links remain blank as they have from day one.

  4. It will continue to be blank,like the way Mwanawasa was blank rather than for selling the country.

  5. Be the change you want to see, pals. Otherwise, you're just armchair, do-nothing grouches as far as I'm concerned.


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