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Friday, 17 September 2010

President Banda : Parliament Speech 2010 (Transcript)

The full transcript of President Rupiah Banda's speech to Parliament earlier today - Friday, 17 September 2010. Comments to follow :
President Banda : Parliament Speech 2010


  1. Chola,

    This is encouraging. RB may go in history as an 'Action Man'. We also need to respond with action and less blaming game.


  2. Dr. Mulenga,

    Much as I would like to agree with you, I am not sure all these projects the RB has talked about were planned, funded, and initiated by his cabinet during his short term. I am not sure the president intended to project that picture either. But if he did, he sure is taking credit for things he has failed to give a quantitative report on.

    Reading his well written and formatted speech, a few important omissions stand out. Quick ones include the deliberate omission of stats in some sectors. This seems to be more of a norm than an accident. He demonstrated great dribbling skills around start and end dates for most of the projects. Also, one cannot help but notice that he attached no responsible party to any of the projects except his government.

    That aside, the combined effect of these undertakings, one would expect, is a serious dent in the rate of unemployment. Was that omission accidental, too?

    I think this is the time for him to put human faces to projects and honor those among his ministers that are star performers. He could have taken an opportunity to point out certain members of the public who benefited in a meaningful way from each of these projects. If the projects are indeed bearing real fruit, he should have no problem finding these beneficiaries. Enshita ya kusobolole ing'ano ukufumya ku mankumba.

    And lastly, I would want him to make this akabashilo ka mupini. Wherever he sits, this is what he should be talking about. He may want to ignore attacks from his opponents for a while and use all resources available to him to talk up these achievements. Let him sing to the point where his tune would be deposited in the subconscious minds of the people.

    I want to salute him, however, for furthering the efforts, be they his or not. I know it is his job but I am saluting him anyway.

  3. Mwata,
    Completing projects already started is not a mean feat. Compare that to neglecting them - in the name of lack of funds? Making government accountable to whatever is missing, is the responsibility of citizery. My interest is particularly concerning the attention he has paid to the Diaspora. If we don't respond positively, we will eventually be ignored completely.


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