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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A rare event

"I am not happy that we are wasting money on a very unnecessary exercise. And even if I were to contest, I would be wasting my resources on a very unnecessary exercise. Very soon, it will be rain season. I think if I have a little bit of money I would rather give it to relatives to grow crops for the nation to eat. This is completely unnecessary, but also I already said having been an MP and minister and having been an economist, I can’t go back to repeat my achievements"
Ngandu Magande declaring that he has no intention to contest his seat following the expulsion from MMD. It clearly does not make financial financial sense for Magande to take part in these elections unless he was confident of not only winning now but also retaining the seat in 2011. But he can certainly for a legal blockade if he wants. That he is deciding not do so is very strange by Zambian politico standards.

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