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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Book Reading Goal : Week 37

Injustice: Why social inequality persists

The Beijing Consensus: How China's Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century
In the last two weeks, I have been able to complete about three books. Those following on twitter usually pick up the tweets of the most interesting one-liners. There are two reviews which I'll soon make available. I am currently writing the review of The Beijing Consensus: How China's Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the 21st Century. This will be up next week. I recently, also penned a review for the Society of Business Economists - Daniel Dorling's Injustice : Why social inequality persists. Will make that available in due course.

Alongside these two books, I also read an important book by Paul Miller - A Praying Life : Connecting with God in a Distracting World. This is one of the best books I have a read and a must read for Christians seeking a deeper communion with Christ. In a time when the material things like internet, blogs and other distractions seek to wrestle attention from Him, this book is an important contribution on how to return to the pursuit of God. It has been quite transformational and has come at the appointed time. One of the most important books I have read.

Books Read So Far : 31 books
Remaining Books to Achieve Target : 19 books
Weeks Remaining to Achieve Annual Target : 11 weeks

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