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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Has governance improved in Zambia?

Well, sort of but its difficult to be sure. According to the latest Ibrahim Index Zambia has moved up just two places in the rankings. It has moved from position 18 in the 2009 index to position 16 in the 2010 index (2008/9 data). I'll leave the reader to compare the two sets of results and judge whether the improvement between 2007 and 2009 (from LPM to RB) represent a genuine / significant improvement or its within the margin of error or indeed others have simply got worse.  My general view is that such comparisons are probably futile. The index is more useful as a comparator / benchmark across countries rather than as improvement over time. The graphic below compares the region picture in 2008/9  (the "redder" the better). It is therefore interesting to see that Zambia is no different from Tanzania or Mozambique, but better than Zimbabwe or Angola. That to me makes perfect sense. We are certainly no Namibia.

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