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Monday, 18 October 2010

Is China colonising Africa?


  1. It is a matter of time before history repeats itself. Nkrumah said, political independence without economic independence is meaningless. Africans are not free until they begin to negotiate contracts that largely benefit them. Handing over keys to the resources vaults is selling icalo that Mlevu warned us against.

    Young African, stop dancing, stop singing. Listen to the planes landing, bringing people from distant places to come and take, take and take what is rightfully yours and pay you nothing in return. And take they will if you shine your teeth and not sharpen your senses. they will take it all and leave Africa barren.

  2. It is indeed sad very sad that we are seeing ourselves sold by the regime of nowadays!Its not only in Zambia, its almost the whole of Africa that at the plight of the bogus investors, the Chinese people, we see our lady, our labour sold! How far is the going to be, WE are tired of being sold in this contempoary times.Does our govts need us to raise wt pangas that we are tired. NO. NO but time wil tell that we shall raise one say and the peace we have embraced for long wil be long gone.
    Worse stil, in Zambia, the bogus investors go to an extent of killing, shooting our miners.How far can this go, we are tired! Have our leaders been choked too much with the dust they are licking from the boots of the bogus investors?Have they put cotton wool in the ears that they cant listen to us?
    Indeed, what we are seing now it the Politics of the stomach, as long as I am fed, others do not care, but is the normal of One Zambia One Nation.
    Tembo Michael


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