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Monday, 4 October 2010

Is Zambia ready for uranium?

No. According to this excellent report from the Council of Churches of Zambia. A key point made in that report is that "Zambia has no specific policy framework on uranium. Issues of uranium exploration/mining are only embedded in the Mineral resources development policy. However, the extra-ordinary characteristics of uranium require mining policies that are specific to it.....The absence of a policy on uranium may have led to some of the inherent weaknesses in the current legislation, resulting in inadequate attention to communities’ interests. Issues that indicate inadequate attention to communities’ interests include: Approval of an EPB report, which lacked assessment of socio-economic and environmental impacts. Drilling of exploration holes very close to people’s houses". There are a number of mining companies drilling uranium at present though some (e.g. Lumwana) claim they wont be in position to market uranium internationally until 2013/4. Read the whole thing below.  
Prosperity Unto Death: Is Zambia Ready for Uranium Mining?

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