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Saturday, 2 October 2010

The Zambian Gaza ?

One famous gym is situated right at the entrance of Chibolya and next to a mosque. The gym used to be called Pa Cigalu because of a huge dog that used to be found there. The huge canine died some time back, and the name slowly followed it to its grave.

There is a police station situated on the eastern border of Chibolya and John Howard. The police station bears the township’s name, but the locals just call it “Pentagon”. The police, however, are clearly not welcome in Chibolya where they are treated as outlaws. There is even an invisible off-limit line for cops right at the mouth of Gaza Street. “We can’t go there in uniform,” one female police officer once told me.

And the gangs do not hesitate in showing their indignation at the mere sight of a cop in uniform who over-steps the off-limit line.
A glimpse from The Post's report on one of Zambia's forsaken compounds. Good journalism indeed from Monsieur Zimba - to tackle poverty, we must first bring it to the surface. You can read the whole thing here. An aerial view of the slum embedded below.

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