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Monday, 8 November 2010

Cursed by mining companies..

Kafue River in Chingola has been polluted again by mining effluent from Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Tailings Leach Plant (TLP) leaving most of the townships without tap water. Environmental Council of Zambia inspector Webby Simwayi who rushed to Kafue raw water in-take confirmed the poisoning of the Kafue River, the main source of drinking water for all Copperbelt towns....

Mr Simwayi said he was happy that Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company(MWSC) had quickly shut down the raw water in-take plant to prevent poisoning of people....He said the fact that even marine life was found dead prompted his technicians to shut down the in-take plant....A Times staffer who rushed to Kafue River found the peasant farmers living along the river picking the dead fish for consumption. The fish and other marine life was also found dead along the banks of Kafue River and by 18:00 hours yesterday the river poisoning levels were very high.
Excerpt from the Government controlled Times of Zambia piece Kafue Pollution Leaves Chingola Taps Dry. I have previously touched on the ecological and health genocide which continue to perpetuated by mining companies . In the words of Vendanta "Of course we pollute…but all the mines do. It was worse in ZCCM’s days...We are fed up being blamed. You cannot run a mine without causing pollution".  I said it then, and I will say it again.

Our people living in mining communities are humble and peaceful people. Their only crime is that the Creator has endowed them with a precious gift - the minerals below their feet. It cannot be denied that they do not enjoy these precious gifts and continue to pay a huge price (the costs to them continue to outweigh the benefits). It is a situation which would never be allowed in any society that values its citizens. No serious government on earth (aside from one running a failed state in Yemen) would let mining companies get away with significant pollution without huge associated costs and appropriate compensation to communities. 

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