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Monday, 1 November 2010

Inflation Statistics - October 2010

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The annual rate of inflation, as measured by the all items Consumer Price Index (CPI), reduced to 7.3 percent in October, from 7.7 percent in September. The 0.4 percentage point decrease is attributed to the "reductions in the cost of non-food items". More detail via the CSO Monthly Bulletin.


  1. Hai Cho,

    hope you are well. i have followed reports of low inflation and from the way its reported , it is supposed to be good thing. theres also an assumption by those who report that this is something we should know. i dont think so. news (especially to do with statistics) in our beloved country is presented in a way that leaves one with many questions but noone nearby to ask questions. could you be kind enough to shed some light on why we should be happy when inflation is low?

  2. Cho,

    As an economist, could you explain the role of the idea of low inflation in neoliberal economics?

    Neoliberalism/Supply Side Economics is all about making things easy for transnational capital.

  3. I'll certainly write a piece on this next week. Thanks for the suggestion.


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