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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Broke institutions (ECZ), 4th Edition

“It is ironic to see that government hastily sourced money to sustain the operations at Finance Bank but is failing to mobilise enough resources to fund the Electoral Commission. It goes without saying that the excuse of having no funds from government cannot be acceptable by right-thinking Zambians but that government lacks political will to both fund the Commission and to conduct a voter registration exercise that is comprehensive....Further, it is mystifying to note that this is happening when most government leaders were calling for the extension of the exercise in their constituencies despite their knowledge that government owes the Commission huge sums of money in the previous two exercises and no attempts are made to either pay the Commission the outstanding amounts or allocate enough resources to its operations"
FODEP highlighting something that we have noted many times.  The problem with many of our institutions is not that they are poorly run, its just that government does not want them to run properly. A while back there was a proposal by Justice Mambilima to ensure there was a legal provision to compel government to fund the NCC. Not sure what happened! But we shall find out as we continue the review of the draft constitution bill. 

How long will Justice Mumba keep begging

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