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Monday, 24 January 2011

Capital Expenditure Provision for Western Province

Ministry of Finance Press Release (24 January 2011): 
2011 Budget: K586.5 Billion Capital Expenditure Provision for Western Province

In response to some queries from stakeholders regarding development programmes planned for Western Province in 2011, the Ministry of Finance and National Planning is pleased to notify the public that an amount of K586.5 Billion, approved by Parliament during its last sitting, has been provided in the 2011 Budget for capital projects, infrastructure rehabilitation, maintenance and development in the Western Province.

It should clearly be understood that the K586.5 Billion budget provision excludes funds already committed under different capital programmes financed by development partners. The 2011 capital expenditure allocation also excludes funds meant for operations, salaries and other non-capital expenditure in the Western Province.

The provision of K586.5 Billion in the 2011 budget for capital projects in Western Province clearly represents a massive increase compared to 2010 Budget when only K45.5 Billion estimated. The 2011 provision is in line with Governments fiscal policy focus for the medium term which is geared towards increasing expenditure on infrastructure and social services for the purpose of achieving targets of poverty reduction and economic growth. K541.9 Billion has been reserved for upgrading the Mongu - Kalabo Road, while K10 Billion is for maintenance of the Mongu-Kaoma-Tetayoyo road and K6 Billion for grading of feeder roads under the rural roads unit; in line with the need to develop and properly maintain quality infrastructure for sustainable national development by 2030.

Among the institutions which will implement capital projects in Western Province in 2011 is the Ministry of Health which has a provision of K10.7 Billion of which K8.4 Billion is for construction of hospitals, K1.4 Billion for rehabilitation of medical training schools and K843 Million for rehabilitation and extension of health facilities. Other institutions that will implement capital projects in the Province in 2011 include the Ministry of Works and Supply which has budget provision of K1.43 Billion of which K1.28 Billion is for construction of boarder facilities. The Ministry of Home Affairs has reserved K1.42 Billion of which K1 Billion is for prison infrastructure in Kalabo, K200 Million for Construction of Kanyala Boarder Control and K200 Million for Construction of Imusho Boarder Control. The Judiciary has reserved K1.1 Billion for among other projects, construction of Shangombo Subordinate Court.

Capital Projects under the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2011 will cost K4.7 Billion of which K1.5 Billion is for completion of construction works at Kaoma Trades Training Institute, K2.5 Billion for construction of Kalabo Trades School and K700 Million for construction works at Mongu Trades Training Institute. The Ministry of Education has reserved K1.8 Billion for maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of school infrastructure in Kalabo, Kaoma, Lukulu, Mongu, Senanga, Sesheke and Shangombo Districts in line with the long term goal of life-long education and training accessible to all by 2030.

The Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development has a provision of K3.4 Billion of which, among other projects, K600 Million is for rehabilitation of the regional veterinary and livestock laboratory in Mongu and K875 Million for construction of Livestock Centers in Senanga, Kaoma, Kalabo, Sesheke, Lukulu and Shangombo Districts. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has reserved K1.3 Billion for various projects including construction of camp houses.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning wishes to encourage the implementers of these projects and all other capital projects nationwide to ensure that all necessary tender procedures are done timely so that projection execution timelines are observed and delivery of benefits to the people accelerated. Stakeholders around the Western Province and indeed in all other Provinces are urged to take interest in the public works and projects that will be implemented in their localities to ensure that resources are applied for intended purposes and so that optimum socio-economic benefits of these public works and projects accrue to the relevant beneficiaries.

Chileshe Kandeta
Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Finance and National Planning


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