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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Corruption Watch (Lusaka City Council), 3rd Edition

We have been tracking the corruption allegations at Lusaka City Council ("the Council"). Another one seems to have broken out in the last month. The Council is accused of illegally allocating land to itself without following the law governing the allocation of land. Out of 102 plots, the councillors got 45 plots, 10 plots were given to the Mayor while the deputy Mayor got five plots and members of the public were only allocated 11 plots. The Local Government Minister Chituwo has now moved to suspend the Council to pave way for an audit, "it has become necessary for the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to suspend the Lusaka City Council in accordance with the Local Government Act, Cap 281 of the laws of Zambia to pave way for investigations into the Lilayi land allocation". More detail via Daily Mail.

The move is welcome to help root out problems in land allocation. This practice appears common among councils. However, caution must be exercised because previous, and more serious allegations trailed here appear to have come to nothing. It may be political manoeuvring like previous allegations - see "related posts" below. Incidentally, many other allegations relating to Mr Chituwo's ministry also appear to come to standstill e.g. the hearse saga. Whatever happened to that?

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