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Friday, 28 January 2011

Help Re-Brand Zambia

We have been asked by World Bank - Zambia to advertise the item below. Please spread the word. Typical GRZ though this request has to come from a non-Zambian source :

We invite you to enter this amazing competition
Zambia as a tourist destination is looking for a new brand!

ou could win a 15 day safari for two – worth up to US$ 30,000

Zambia is a stunning country to visit with unbeatable safaris and adventure, great culture and friendly people and of course the iconic Victoria Falls!
It is still relatively undiscovered, with much potential. And tourism is key to Zambia and it’s people.
Increased tourism means more jobs in rural areas, more funds for conservation and a healthier economy in a developing country.
So play your part – share your ideas with us and enter the competition. Help Zambia and have the chance to explore the country yourself... 

To find out more, open the attachment…or go to

And please, “pass it on”
, spread the word by sending this email to your friends, clients, colleagues, everyone!
Another way would be to copy the icon below and put it on your email signature, or copy the icon off the website and put on your website with a link.

We look forward to seeing your creative ideas.

Follow the competition…on Facebook (
Zambia Tourism) and on Twitter @Zambia_Tourism

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