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Sunday, 2 January 2011

How the copper mines won, 5th Edition

We believe information is power and that what perpetuates bad policies is ignorance. As such we persist to track the copper prices and how our people continue to lose out from irresponsible and unjust fiscal arrangements. In November 2010 we predicted the march towards the magic 10. At the time of writing this, the prices are around $9600 per metric tonne. Who is laughing now? The mines are laughing while our people wallow in poverty. It ought not to be this way.

1 comment:

  1. The biggest benefits are for First Quantum Minerals who earned more than 2.5 billions US $ in less than 5 year with its 80 % in kansanshi mining.. while in the same time ZCCM-IH received only 25 M US$ from dividends with its 20 % in Kansanshi Mining...

    the percent are different for FQM and ZCCM-IH but the GRZ find this situation easy because we never see about this scandalous situation...

    Kansanshi Mining must give more 400 M US$ to ZCCM-IH, this money is the money of the people of zambia !!

    FQM must go out from zambia like from congo !!


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