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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Namibia's Nuclear Ambitions, 2nd Edition

We have previously touched on Namibia's nuclear pursuit here.It appears the plans are very real indeed. Our uranium rich neighbour is pressing on with its plans to develop its rich uranium resources and intends to pursue uranium enrichment locally. It also plans to build its own nuclear electricity plant. Nuclear energy experts from Finland’s Nuclear and Radiation Authority are currently helping the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) to draft Namibia’s first ever nuclear policy, which is to be completed mid-2011, together with relevant laws. The plan is to generate electricity from the nuclear reactor by 2018. More details via IPS News.


  1. Interesting! So Namibia gets to produce energy using radioactive materials. I wonder what impact this will have on Zambia. I also wonder what safeguards they have to prevent such materials falling into wrong hands. I have just finished reading president Barrak Obama's State Of The Union(SOTU) address and he reiterated America's committment to preventing radioactive substances falling in wrong hands.

  2. I think the Zaire once had harnessed nuclear power. But not sure what happened to the project.


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