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Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Campaign : First Quantum Out of Zambia

A new website against First Quantum Minerals simply titled "First Quantum Out of Zambia" :

This web site is here to explain to investors in the world that FQM seems to be a bad Partner for Zambia and that FQM could be expelled out from Zambia like from Congo !

Since the last 5 years, Kansanshi Mining gave ridiculous dividends, 25 M US $, to ZCCM-IH the Zambian Holding. With its 20 % in Kansanshi Mining ZCCM-IH should have received more than 400 M US $ !!

But this partner, FQM, prefers to use this money for developing its business on its own all around the world rather than distribute dividends to the Zambian Government.


  1. How Zambian politicians can ignore these bad companies ??

    Why no debate on this money that could change the state of the country?

  2. To make sure that FQM knows that people read this article and the web site, just send a message to FQM at ... ... as I just did showing that you support the website in question and asking that FQM behaves correctly and pays ZCCM-IH the very substantial dividends that are due.

  3. The RDC closed the door has fqm.
    Zambia opens her big his.
    Fqm take the Zambian copper he is not dear...

  4. That's ridiculous.

    If FQM leaves Zambia, the results will be catastrophic for thousands and thousands of ordinary hard working Zambians.

    Chola, surely it's time to post a few good things that are going on in the country!

    Here is a suggestion:


  5. YM (LSK),

    I hope you are aware that I have been on leave for the last month.

    I also I hope you are aware that I am only one person.

    I am working through a lot of material and things to post. Intact I have a huge backlog.

    This is not a cut and paste website.

    I will certain get round to publishing the very exciting growth forecasts as well as the recent data showing increase in formal employment. Some patience please!

    In the mean time let me repeat my offer. If you think there are areas not adequately covered please you can help by writing a piece on the same. I WILL PUBLISH IT. SEND YOUR PIECE AND IF IT IS CLEARLY WRITTEN I WILL PUBLISH IT ANONYMOUSLY IF YOU PREFER.

    We are not like the Daily Mail. We don't practice intellectual censorship.

  6. YM

    If FQM is expel from zambia, the GRZ could take a new partner who will embark on a dividend policy with ZCCM-IH.

    A lot of foreign companies wait to come in Zambia, Zambia must work with good partners not with bad partners !

  7. FQM is known to be one of the more honest mining companies in the country. They pay the most taxes, and are always at the front of the little corporate social responsibility that exists in the country. They play an active role both with the Chamber of Mines, and take a responsible role when negotiating as a group.

    I have fundamental problems with mining companies in Zambia, but the blame rests with how they are managed. All companies and corporates around the world will always look to find loopholes and ways out of doing "the right thing".

    That said, throwing them out is not the solution. GRZ and ZCCM-IH need to find better ways to regulate firms and ZCCM as a shareholder needs to be more vocal in demanding its returns. If FQM is thrown out and another investor (read Chinese) is brought in, it will only be worse for GRZ in the long run.

    FQM is regulated by stringent stock market regulations, and so is far better than the other firms (such as the notoriously useless KCM or any of the other chinese mines).

    Again, just my thoughts.


  8. OK Chola, sorry!

    I appreciate the good work that you're doing, but want to be a balancing force on this site. I see too many negative things that steal some of the good things that are happening in Zambia. This country is a transformation of what it was ten years ago, and there is so much more that everyone in the country and abroad could be talking about and thinking about!

    Looking forward to the posts.



  10. All my lawyers are after you.....

    Believe me... pascall, you will pay for all your crimes !!!

  11. FQM is lying to all the world !!!

    There is not even any single production in Kansanshi....


    All the Copperbelt hate the Criminals after what they have done....

    The network of philip pascall must be exposed all over the WORLD !!!

    The SCANDAL of The Century in Africa with a canadian "company"....

  12. Hi Anne,

    Could you tell more about Philip Pascal, and his role in FQM or the DRC?

  13. Hi Mr K,

    in fact i have thousands files of proofs about the FQM network of philip pascall.

    It is a total disaster !!!

    And it will be my compliment and my pleasure to expose it everywhere in the world...

    For this time, it is in the hands of my lawyers.

    I wish one day justice will be done for me and for my African family....

    I am not too much worried because even if sometime things might take time....

    The truth always remains....

    GOD loves Africa especially my Zambian and my Congolese family !!!

    Best wishes of peace,happiness and prosperity for this new year 2011.

  14. FQM and Glencore plunder Zambia (state and zccm-ih)

    Those companies uses subsidiaries based in tax heavens

    so transfer pricing to pay no taxes and no dividends to zccm-ih


    Website zccm-ih

    Mopani Copper Mines plc is majority owned by Carlisa Investments Corporation, which is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. Carlisa Investments Corporation is jointly owned by Glencore Finance (Bermuda) Limited (81.2%), a wholly owned subsidiary of Glencore International AG; and Skyblue Enterprise Incorporated (18.8%), a wholly owned subsidiary of First Quantum Minerals Limited. The assets owned by the company which is the second largest operating investment under ZCCM-IH’s present portfolio (after KCM), include the Mufulira Mine, Smelter and Refinery, and the Nkana Mines, Concentrator and Cobalt Plant all located on the Copperbelt Province of Zambia. MCM initated a programme in 2005 that was aimed at rebuilding and installing new technology to increase the capacity of processing copper concentrate.

    skyblue Entreprise Incorporated is also incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.

    page 3



    page 4


    Carlisa Investments Corp.

    The Company holds an 18.8% interest in Carlisa Investments Corp., which holds a 90% interest in Mopani Copper Mines Plc (“Mopani”). Mopani is a privately-held Zambian registered company which operates both the Nkana underground copper mine and cobalt refinery and the Mufulira underground copper mine, smelter and copper refinery in Zambia, which was commissioned in December of 2006. The smelter provides treatment capacity for copper concentrate produced at Kansanshi and copper concentrate produced at Frontier. The carrying value of this investment as at December 31, 2008 was $9.5 million. As Carlisa Investments Corp. and Mopani are private companies, only limited public information about them is or may be made available for dissemination. In 2008, Mopani produced approximately 160,000 tonnes of finished copper and 1,400 tonnes of cobalt and had assets as at December 31, 2008 in excess of $1 billion.


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