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Friday, 21 January 2011

The PACT Presidential Candidate (Press Release)

Press Release by UPND (20 January 2010) :

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  1. All I can say is that this shows the gulf in class between the two parties. all that UPND is saying here makes sense but you will never get the same level of thought or response from PF. they just do not have the capacity particularly since Dr. Mulenga left. UPND is flogging a dead horse because PF is resolved that their president will be the candidate this year and it is clear that if be the case the MP's from UPND will not risk their seats trying to sell Sata in Southern province. The decision that HH and UPND make this year will define their legacy. They have to decide soon where they think their best chance to be in Government lies in MMd or PF and looking at the type of leaders in UPND and their background, I do not see them going with PF. HH may do so but he will do it without his party because it is impossible for men like hachipuka, matongo, mwiimbu, and other senior UPND MP's who worked under Mazoka and Sakwiba would countenance working with Nsanda, Jean Kapata, Kambwilli and the convicted felon Mushili?? Anyway if you believe in miracles then you will continue to hope that the Pact survives. But some miracles are impossible even with the strongest faith


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