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Friday, 7 January 2011

Regina Chiluba Vs The People

We are still working our way through certain pieces that happened while I was on leave. Mrs Chiluba was charged before the court with five counts of being in possession of property reasonably suspected of having been stolen or unlawfully obtained and one count of receiving property knowing or having reason to believe that it had been feloniously stolen or obtained.
Regina Chiluba v The People

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  1. she is holding on to all the billions left by her late boy friend according to me because thats not genuine marriage,madam vera is the one and only wife being married for thirty something years is not a joke .when she mourned im sure she remembered the time they met,how and when they married,good and challenging times,their hardships before and into great mr chiluba president and her first lady,untill the u regina a cheap men cleansed sycopathy showed up.takwaba nomwanakashi ali ku chupo tachilapwa ayakumbi because of money.busy crying shakunfwile nsoni daddy ubufi bweka fye so that people can pitty you when u know you are keeping the money to yourself.from one man to another what if you were a man five wives,ten women of your kind.what example are you setting for your children you are so my late husband didnt want a postmoterm ubufi bweka bweka fye did he know the kind of death he was going to die would or would not require a post mouterm why are you so desperate if i was one of the lates children i would ve handled you my self nganalikunyensha.wapoke ichupo wabwela na bana wabapoka their own share nga beena luapula bonse they are surposed to have a share too twenty percent for dependants you did know he was the bread winner of those people,mr chiluba died of poison thats why you were against postmoutern,their is no secret under the mwanza tabale shito ubunga tawalei kuta?zambia being a christian nation doesnt need women of your kind if you were in nigeria your best place would ve been the evil forest.


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