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Friday, 28 January 2011

Zambia 2010 Census - Preliminary Results (Presentation)

Interesting results from the 2010 census. The population has gone up to 13m, with eligible voters at 6.5m - which is a bit of a problem considering the current voter registration exercise has only delivered 2.5m. Did someone say a government of the people? On the positive front,good to see urbanisation has rebounded from the disastrous policies of the early 1990s. The cities are clearly engines of growth again. That has a huge impact on a key constitutional requirement - the "constituency delimitation" exercise. It would be good to see how this density map might look like. 
Zambia 2010 Census of Population and Housing


  1. Hello, does anyone know what percentage of Zambians are in rural areas and what percentage are in urban areas? Is it still Urban 22% and Rural 78%?

  2. Nevermind, found it "By residence,
    61% of the population (7,978,264) livein rural areas, while 39% of the population (5,068,234)live in urban areas."

  3. When is the entire census being published?

  4. thats the reason why the government should make use of demographers...


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