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Monday, 10 January 2011

Zambia is Growing

From the Economist's daily chart on Africa's impressive growth. (HT : Richard)


  1. As impressive as these stats are, there are very few countries worth commending on this list. Rwanda, for example does not only show statistical but on the ground growth as well.

    In Zambia with a living cost that is comparable to major world cities like London this economic growth is good on paper but does little to help the Zambian at the bottom of the pile. With systems in place that stubbornly maintain a terrible GINI coefficient, it is only safe to assume that any economic growth will only serve to widen the rift between the rich and the poor.

    Let's talk about good policies and institutions and commend countries like Rwanda who are instituting wonderful policies that will ensure long term growth as well as equitable distribution of welfare.

  2. Valid point indeed!

    I always say that Angola, Congo, Mozambique and Rwanda are post conflict countries. There are growth rates are expected given they start from a very low base. To some extent Zambia went through a different kind of carnage with the SAP years too so it too is starting from the low base.

    The problem I see in Zambia is the lack of regional growth rates. We need data on that to put in perspective. What I see is two Zambias emerging and not much dent on poverty for that reason.

    I hope to write more on this.

  3. The heading "Zambia Is Growing" should have been reserved for the year 2015. The projections made are made on the basis of information being supplied by the Ministry of Finance (Central Statistical Office) and could, therefore, be a mere political tool used by the MMD government in readiness for the forthcoming tripartite elections.


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