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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Book Reading Goal : Week 5

The Musakanya Papers. The Autobiographical Writings of Valentine Musakanya

This week I completed The Musakanya Papers : The Autobiographic Writings of Valentine Musakanya, by Valentine Musakanya edited by Miles Larmer. As the title suggests it brings together autobiographical notes by Valentine Musakanya. To many people Mr Musakanya is best known for the 1980 coup attempt and his subsequent acquittal, but this book opens your mind to a true intellectual who was raised from humble beginnings to the heights of power. One key feature that stands out from Musakanya's writings is the independent streak and desire to place truth at the heart of Zambia's development pursuit.  Nothing exemplifies this approach than the quote below :
I have fount out that although I love Zambia so much, I perhaps love a truthful approach more, because only the latter will make her truly free.
The only downside is that the book is perhaps too short and pricey for many people. I suspect that is due to insufficient economies of scale. One hopes as many Zambians begin to appreciate their works high quality products will come down in prices.   

Books Read So Far : 4 book
Remaining Books to Achieve Target : 46 books
Weeks Remaining to Achieve Annual Target : 47 weeks


  1. Hi Cho,

    The Musakanya book sells for 50,000 kwacha in Zambia. I take it you ordered through ABC in the UK?

  2. Marja,

    Good point.
    I actually got my copy via Amazon.

    If it's that cheap may be I can buy a few and we can sell them here! Lol!

  3. Marja, do you know if the book is being offered anywhere in Ndola or the Copperbelt? if so, let me know. Thanks

  4. Hi Dan, the book sold out, so we're going for a reprint. Will let you know when it's available again (also expected to be distributed this time on the Copperbelt).


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