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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Book Reading Goal : Week 6

2,000 Years of Christ's Power, Part Two (v. 2)I have now finished book two of the four part series on church history by Nicholas R Needham. This week I read 2000 Years of Christ's Power, Part Two : The Middle Ages released in 2000. I found this volume very interesting largely because I have always been fascinated by middle ages history. Naturally the volume covers all the church thinkers during that period, most prominently Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux and Ockham, but also its discussion of Charlemagne and other rulers was fascinating. A wonderful read.

Book Reading Goal Review
Books Read So Far : 5 book

Remaining Books to Achieve Target : 45 books
Weeks Remaining to Achieve Annual Target : 46 weeks

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