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Saturday, 12 February 2011

How the copper mines won, 6th Edition

We have now crossed the 10k per tonne threshold. In November 2010 we predicted the march towards the magic 10. This is no time to celebrate that "we told you so", it is an occasion of sadness because our people are wallowing in poverty when rich executives at First Quantum and elsewhere are lining up their pockets. There's now clear evidence following the Mopani audit that government is in collusion with the mines and has refused to make available to the Zambian public all available information. 


  1. now I hope that zambians will understand why GRZ never talk about the fact that FQM doesn't want to give to ZCCM-IH its benefit, more than 400 M US$ !
    the members of GRZ, finance minister and their familly, have to be in holydays with the foreign companies !

  2. Zambian people are too blind and politics too corrupted.
    What a shame!

  3. An interesting chart. It explains alot on how copper mines flourished.


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