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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Losing Out

"It is sad to see Sesheke under-developed when it is endowed with natural resources that can be used to accelerate development. We have the Zambezi River, the Livingstone-Sesheke Road which connects Sesheke to Central and sub-Saharan Africa. Sesheke has the timber and other resources that can help develop this district....Unless we have established markets or stable investors in this industry, the country risks losing a lot of money from illegal timber export. The timber which is being smuggled today is costing a lot of money in some of the neighbouring countries and Europe...This sector is rich but at the moment, the few Zambians engaged in this timber industry are small-scale traders who are even exploited because of lack of an established market and certain policies to support their dealings in this industry..."
An extract from a report by excellent Doreen Nawa on how the people of  Mulobezi area in Sesheke district are losing out from foreign exploitation of the timber industry. Illegal export of timber is costing many countries millions of dollars largely through western companies.

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