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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mining Reflections: Proposition Three (Update), 3rd Edition

An update to proposition three that demonstrates the poor conditions of mining workers. Excerpt below :
Miners at Chambishi NFCA mine rioted on Wednesday night burning three vehicles to ashes, looting their canteen and smashing windows on some buildings. The miners’ action is said to have been spurred by their on-going discontent over terminal benefits following their transfer from NFCA mining department to JCHX, a new company that has been formed within NFCA....About three weeks ago, workers at the same mine protested over alleged under-payment of their terminal benefits since their transfer from NFCA mining department to another company JCHX. The angry workers then said it was a mockery for management to pay some of them as little as K500,000 for their terminal benefits when copper prices were so high and production at the firm was good.....
We hope to return soon the "mining reflections" series to complete the other propositions. The beauty of blogging is the series never end.  

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