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Friday, 18 February 2011

Mining Reflections: Proposition Two (Update), 3rd Edition

Another update to "proposition two" highlights the lack of benefits to local people in North Western from additional mining investment :
[Bishop Kasonde] said the people that experienced the pollution and failed to sleep due to the mining activities should be the first ones to benefit from the investment. Bishop Kasonde said poverty was the order of the day in North Western Province. He asked the government to help people by seriously investing in the area. “We appreciate what the government is doing but they can do much more. These are very critical issues,” he said.

Bishop Kasonde said a lot more needed to be done to develop North Western Province, especially in the area of empowering locals. He said although some locals had been employed in the mines, people were looking forward to a future where a bigger number would be availed an opportunity to work in the mines. “The literacy levels are quite low and the mines are looking for skilled labour. Most of our people have basic education or no education at all,” Bishop Kasonde said. He said it was, therefore, incumbent on the government to ensure that investment in education was heightened. “It should be real investment. It is not just a question of building infrastructure,” Bishop Kasonde said. “They have built a number of schools in here but I have never heard them building a college for teachers.”
Two important points made here. First, is the recognition of the "human approach" model. The Bishop says "the people that experienced the pollution and failed to sleep due to the mining activities should be the first ones to benefit from the investment". This is the model we have championed since day one - see A Human Approach To The Mining Debate. Secondly, he notes the potential for mining investment to be appropriately linked to broader investment. We have previously discussed potential models for doing e.g. "nil-detriment" approach that is used worldwide.  

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