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Friday, 11 March 2011

Another day, another party, 9th Edition

N’gandu Magande has been appointed (or appointed himself?) as Interim President of the newly launched National Movement for Progress Party (NMPP).  According to NMPP Secretary General Logan Shemena the party was registered on 2nd March 2011. Daily Mail reports that the vision of the party is "to transform Zambia into a modern, progressive and vibrant society of a united and peaceful people". They are allegedly in the process of identifying "other capable and committed Zambians of integrity who would efficiently and effectively run the affairs of mother Zambia". We have previously noted Magande's ambition's here. I have lost count of these new parties but see the "related posts" section below for similar incarnations.

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  1. It’s an illusion to presuppose that formation of political parties is for the sole purpose of ascending to national presidency. The architects of the formulation might be seeking visibility in the hope of being influential on the political scene. Mind you, there are jobs and money prospects if one is well positioned politically. LOL

  2. The PF-UPND Pact just blew up.


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