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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Constitution of Zambia (Amendment) Bill 2010: Part XI

Political Parties' Commission

Part XI, Article 202, establishes the Political Parties’ Commission:
  1. There is hereby established the Political Parties’ Commission which shall consist of five part-time members who shall be appointed by the President, subject to ratification by the National Assembly.
  2. The Political Parties’ Commission shall be responsible for— (a) the registration and regulation of political parties; (b) monitoring the general conduct of political parties; (c) the promotion of co operational harmony between and among political parties; (d) the arbitration of disputes between members of a political party, and between and among political parties; and (e) any other function provided by, or under, an Act of Parliament.
  3. Parliament shall enact legislation to provide for the functions, composition, tenure of office, procedures, operations, administration, finances and financial management of the Political Parties’ Commission.
This provision effectively reduces the democratic nature of our politics. As the President effectively appoints and houses the Commission, he effectively controls this commission. The provision is an attempt by the current government to control political parties and must be opposed. The case for moving beyond current national legal framework and introducing this commission has not been made.

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