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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Book Reading Goal : Week 13

Which None Can ShutI recently acquired a Kindle which I have found tremendously useful. Also my wife has been urging me to get the many books I have acquired over the years "rationalised".  However, my use of it has been somewhat limited because I am still working through a backlog of around 12 physical books. I managed to whittle it down to 11 this week with the completion of  Which None Can Shut : Remarkable True Stories of God's Miraculous Work in the Muslim World, by Reema Goode.

It's selected autobiography of their family's story living in the Arabian peninsula as Christian missionaries. Christianity of course is banned in these places and converts are punishable by death. As you can imagine it keeps you on the edge, so I managed to chew 165 pages within a short space of time. The book has given me greater thirst to read more stories of missionaries. Those who are serving Christ in the most extreme environment. So I am now on the look for some.

Book Reading Goal Review
Books Read So Far : 10 books
Remaining Books to Achieve Target : 40 books
Weeks Remaining to Achieve Annual Target : 39 weeks


  1. What does this have to do with Zambia or economics?

  2. Please refer to the book reading goal. This column shares what I read from all aspects.

    I think you also may have forgotten that this is actually a personal website. Are you trying to limit what I can write about?

    If the website does not meet your expectations you are free to read another "Zambian Economist" website.

  3. "I think you also may have forgotten that this is actually a personal website. Are you trying to limit what I can write about?"

    Wow, no offence man, it was just a question out of curiosity.

  4. No offence taken.

    I just wanted to make it clear that I don't practice self censorship. If my wife tells me a story tomorrow that I find interesting, there's a good chance I will share it. So some of the stuff I write is for readers, other stuff is for myself. I write because I enjoy it not because it interests people necessarily.

    If I was too direct it is because us Zambians guard our freedom of expression jealously because we have no freedom through the government controlled press.

  5. Interesting view. Personally, it's as hard publishing a story about something good done by the Government in the Post, as it is to publish something bad about the Government in the Times.

    As a Zambian, I am still yet to find a good resource of news that is non-partisan and unbiased (including this personal blog, which is objective at times, but is heavily biased). The greatest tragedy for us as a people is that we are not capable of being truly objective about anything, whether it is religion or politics.

  6. I am happy with your criticism because it is actually a compliment for two reasons: 

    First, there's no such thing as a neutral source of news. One can be non partisan but not neutral.

    So for me I have always been clear that I write as a Christian first, Husband second, Economist third and finally as a Zambian. In that order of priority. 

    For example,  because I love my wife, I am biased towards women. I believe our country can do more for them. It has betrayed them at every opportunity. So I am constantly on the look out for stories that allows me express my views on this. Just, as because I was born ku Mfumu I am very interested in chiefs. Similarly, having attended school in a dilapidated mining town, I care about mining a lot. 

    Take my passion for justice related news. I can't help but write about justice because as a Christian this is the part of the eschaton that God is unveiling. We are to loosen the bonds of the oppressed, feed the poor, stand for the fatherless, etc. Being a Christian also means I never think govt is the answer to human predicament. I can go on. 

    The point is I affirm my bias - I do not run from it. These things shape my world view and influences what I write.  Neutrality is an illusion because we all have non-neutral priors. All arguments are therefore circular by definition. 

    Secondly, related to the first - I was expecting you to say I am partisan.  But you accused me of a natural thing - which is I think a certain way and therefore it drives me to certain conclusions. That is normal. I am certainly not partisan and I am glad you recognise that. 

    That said I am disappointed you are LOOKING to people to give you the bias free news. Your job is to create a website that will demonstrate to others the values you hold.  How do you think this website came about? I decided to have a go. Okay, so it has not lives up to your expectation, but nothing stops YOU from showing all of us what OBJECTIVE blogging looks like. So don't be just complain be a change agent.  

    In fact I want people to create a more objective website than this one because then I can hopefully shut this one down - I long to be a consumer rather than a producer. 


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