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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A Chronology of Incompentence

April 8, 2011 : "Lungwangwa goes alone without consultation"

April 9th, 2011 : "the people react"

April 10, 2011 : Now for the "humiliation"

Minister of Communications and Transport Geoffrey Lungwangwa has announced that the Government has suspended the revoking of a Statutory Instrument that compels Public Service Vehicles (PSV) operators to maintain a stipulated colour code for their vehicles. According to Zambia National Broadcasting Services (ZNBC) main news bulletin monitored last night, Professor Lungwangwa said in Lusaka that the suspension of the statutory instrument followed numerous concerns from members of the public and would hold consultations with various key stakeholders. (Source : Lusaka Times)


  1. I'll try to be nice here.

    Exactly what was this man thinking to make such a decision in the first place? It was obvious from the outset that no proper study had been conducted to show evidence that revenues were being lost by bus operators from the inability to adorn their vehicles with adverts. Some clerk probably pulled some random stats from a Google search.

    It continues to boggle the mind that people who masquerade as the educated class can continue to throw around half-baked ideas to satisfy the demands of one or two parties who are making the push with little regard for the public at large.

    Congratulations to the people who voiced their displeasure about this and made Lungwangwa reverse his decision.

  2. I have a feeling his boss was watching news and saw him on television and thought - oh dear ba Professor!

    I can't see how RB could have agreed to this. It had folly written all over it.

  3. And he claims to have a PhD! He needs to give it back and get a refund from the diploma mill.

  4. You seem to have missed the whole point. First the PSV are in the colours they are because the MMD made a conscious decision just before the 2001 elections to have them painted in 'MMD colours'. The same MMD must have admonished Lungwangwa that to liberalise the PSV 'MMD colours' was self defeating as this may result in a number of them been painted in opposition colours of the PF and others. The fact that the guy is a professor is neither here nor there!

  5. Actually my last comment was mostly snark but I have a basic disagreement with the minister's original decision because he purported it was evidence based. I would expect someone with an advanced degree to appreciate the need for research and consultation with stakeholders before acting. It's tiring to see everything driven by politics, and is it too much to expect people have been delegated authority to act on the behalf of the Zambian people to hold a higher level of integrity?


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