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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Press Release : Submission of 2012 Budget Proposals

Press Release by the Ministry of Finance and National Planning :

Lusaka, Tuesday 12th April, 2011. I am pleased to inform the public that the Ministry of Finance and National Planning [MOFNP] has commenced preparations for the 2012 National Budget and the 2012 Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

In this regard, all Zambians are called upon to make submissions on Tax and Non-Tax Revenue Policy proposals which they hope to see in the 2012 National Budget and the 2012 Medium Term Expenditure Framework.

The deadline for submissions is 31st July 2012. The three months consultation period has been set to ensure that all citizens, including the youth, women groups, the private sector, and all other stakeholders are given a fair deal and ample time to participate in the formulation of the 2012 Budget.

This Ministry is confident that all those the submissions will directly enrich Zambia’s capacity to attain objectives of the Sixth National Development Plan [SNDP] and Vision 2030. In this regard, the MOFNP makes an earnest appeal to the public to embrace this gesture so that consultations on the 2012 to 2014 Medium Term Expenditure Framework [MTEF] and the 2012 National Budget are broadened. By making submissions, Zambians will be making contributions to the formulation of a people centered budget for 2012.

The submissions must clearly state the nature of the proposal, demonstrate pitfalls of the current tax regime, indicate pros and cons of the offshoot measures and stipulate how the tax base could be fairly and equitably expanded. The Government Tax Policy Review Committee will then scrutinize and assess all proposals, based on their merit, impact on tax payers, effect on the economy and significance to the shape and focus of the Zambian Tax Policy System for the period 2012 to 2014.

The MOFNP will publish all the proposals for tax and non-tax revenue received so that all tax and non-tax stakeholders could also be availed the opportunity to analyse the 2012 Budget submissions.

It is imperative that all citizens respond to this important invitation within the given timeframe if meaningfully participation in the formulation of the 2012 National Budget is to be attained.

Chileshe Kandeta
Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Official Website:


  1. As always, I contributed last year through ZNFU which collects submissions from all farmers and compiles them for presentation to government.
    I also contributed directly.
    ZNFU published an article in the magazine "The Zambian Farmer" stating that ALL their budget submissions to government were completely ignored. I will resubmit but don't hold out much hope of being listened to.

  2. its really very good that government has started taking initiative so early to prepare budget of 2012 and medium term expenditure framework for 2012-2014.thanks for such a wonderful blog.Wonga

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    1. I hope the 2012 National Budget and the 2012 Medium Term Expenditure Framework will be prepared well in favour of every citizens .It will not cut the favour of normal middle class people and lower class people too.


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