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Thursday, 19 May 2011

How is development achieved?

"Development depends not on the abstract national goals of, and the more or less enforced decisions by, a cadre of planners, but on the piecemeal adaptation of individuals to goals which emerge but slowly and become clearer only as those individuals work with the means at their disposal; and as they themselves become aware, in the process of doing, what can and ought to be done"
Herbet Frankel in his Quarterly Journal of Economics article published in 1952. In other words, it is slow and hard work and will take individual effort to bring it about. That of course does not mean government cannot create the conditions for which people flourish, but in Mr Frankel's view their government is no saviour neither are external players (your FDI chariot riders). 


  1. Development must, by its very nature, be autochthonous; a collective effort born out of the long settled existence of a people who embrace a cultural and religious ethical framework. By definition it cannot be imposed, nor can it be brought about by an individual, neither by a collective of individuals. Zambia needs to look to itself in order to re-discover its own genius. Now that its people are settled and sedentary, it needs to develop according to its own lights, it needs to find an alternative to modern capitalism and FDI and plundering and humbug.

  2. Sustainable development of developing countries will always regress if there is no good adequate basic infrastructure (education, agriculture, education, logement, culture, water, ICT, public , Energy, administration, transports, economics and medicine etc.), if there is no good structures, and good political management of local/global resources and development loan, development aid etc..

    Great example: Telecommunications infrastructure facilitating sustainable development of rural and remote communities in Northern Australia


    Amouzou Bedi


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