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Friday, 27 May 2011

Is President Banda ripe for impeachement?

"Unless President Banda succeeds in shirking Ambassador Phiri’s serious allegations, he is in office illegally and in wanton disregard of the country’s basic law and must be shown the door to answer criminal allegations in court....given the serious nature of the allegations, which border on violating the Constitution, and the fact that they are levelled against the Head of State, I find this deeply troubling. President Banda should be the first one to know that as President, he swore to uphold the Constitution. By that Constitution, therefore, he could be removed from office if it is proved he violated it. This offence carries the possibility of seven years imprisonment without an option of a fine.”
Prof Michelo Hansungule argues that unless President Banda clears himself of the false parentage declaration in the 2008 he has committed perjury (lied under the law) and violated Article 37 of the Constitution. More on this via The Post. The allegations are certainly very serious and we all await to see how the Chief Justice, who hails from Banda's village alongside the Deputy Chief Justice, deals with this. What is important is that the rule of law should prevail and the judiciary asserts its independence much more than we have seen in recent past. 


  1. He who accuses must prove.
    Is it for Banda to prove his parentage or those that accuse him of lying under oath? With the exception of Mwanawasa, every president Zambia has had has been accused of foreign parentage including presidential candidate Sata who it is claimed in from Tanzania. Just Who is a real Zambian? Shouldn't the same kind of article be written about Sata or is Hansungule going to wait until Sata is in state house before pushing for impeachment proceedings?
    This case is going nowhere as long as Banda remains in state house.
    Isn't it time Zambians focussed development that will alleviate poverty rather than non-issues of who comes from where?
    If the chief justice and his deputy come from the same village as Banda, then is analysis is a waste of time. Banda is a Zambia

  2. this this the same old politics of no sustance. all these chaps accusing RB of not being zambia just discovered yesterday? RB has VP and no one raise this issue. this is deja vu. remember KK, chiluba and i guess had mwanawasa stayed long enough someone would have accused him.
    let discuss issues

  3. I thought this site was meant for economic discussion and not politics. Whats going on? Has it become another Post Newspaper directing itself to politics of lies instead of focusing on real economic issues? Chola you are exposing yourself!

  4. Socio-politically we Africans have been attempting to climb a lot of trees from the leaves. We see a swaggering Uncle Sam up a tree he laboriously climbed for some 300 years and we decide we have to immediately get there too. This results in copycatting things like birth clauses in constitutions. Such clauses may make sense for a 300 year old nation but for a 40 year old they will merely cause that nation turmoil. I dont think Zambians need to look for a person whose parents were born in Zambia for a leader. We are still very much in the process of nation building and our identity is yet to crystallize. When it does that we could probably nitpick about where Presidential candidate X was born and perhaps eliminate him on those grounds. As at present Zambians have a large populace with what could be termed foreign parentage. Ouatarra faced these same problems and part of the reason for the bloodshed in the Ivory Coast was from the fact that political foes used the foreigner card on him one time barring him from Presidential candidacy.


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