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Friday, 13 May 2011

Why I am Endorsing PF

By Kaela B Mulenga

A special paper on the endorsement of the Patriotic Front.
Why Pf is a Better Choice Than Mmd - An Address to Doubting Thomases


  1. Didn't even bother to read this article. Am supporting MMD.

  2. General,

    " Didn't even bother to read this article. Am supporting MMD. "

    That is nothing to boast about. :)

  3. General- I am curious ! why would you not want to know how someone else has come to to a conclusion different from yours? Are you scared that you will be persuaded? If you are sure of your facts and reasoning, any article expressing views that are different from yours shouldn't really be threatening!
    This is a well written and cogent article, putting in one place all of the strong points on why Zambia should go with Sata. What the article skirts over is the trust factor. Can the PF crowd be trusted? The Sata, Mbita ,Scott, Mulongoti, Sichinga crowd told us back in 1991 how they were going to make things better. In 1991 we voted KK out because he had failed to deliver. A long list of KK's failures were spelt out. In 27 years (1964-1991) the employment figures , jobs in the formal sector, was still at 400 000. A decade under Chiluba with Sata as de-facto no 3 ,saw Jobs go down into the 300 thousands. A decade under Mwanawasa and Banda has seen the jobs creep back to above 400 000. It is disingenuous to say it is an MMD failure. Sata, Scott, Mbita and others were in that government that lost these 100 000 jobs. They participated in the government that received the most aid and goodwill from the world , sold all the parastatals for a pittance, and at the end we were still no lower than where KK left us. The 1990s were a lost decade for Zambia- economically. They failed us! and until they come clean in the part they played in squandering all the goodwill and promise of 1991 , I will continue to doubt them.
    And let us not forget how hungry and rapacious they turned out to be. The corruption started with the very first contract. Ephraim Chibwe, (the first minister of Works and Supply Sata's cabinet colleague) was nabbed in the very first procurement deal in the new govt. This was for the replacement of curtains at State House.

    So forgive me if I sound skeptical. I have heard it before and 20 years ago , I fell for it. This time round I would want to ask for some guarantees. The basic minimum institutional one I would like to see is :internal democracy. PF for all its finery runs on the whims of Sata!

    Let us not forget that it was Sata who run the third term ' debate' on behalf of Chiluba and they only really differed when the mantle was passed on to someone else. In fact ,despite their brief seperation, Sata and Chiluba were on the same side as late as 2006.

    I hear you Ba Kaela when say that some learning has taken place. In fact the Damascus moment seemed to be Sata's heart attack and subsequent relocation to SA. Post heart attack he has become more presidential , but is the change fundamental or situational.

    So Ba Kaela- well reasoned and argued , but can I trust what these guys say- this time around?

  4. MrK,
    I am not boasting. Just indicating that nothing and no-one would convince me to vote for a candidate like MC Sata. A leopard never changes its spots nor will Sata suddenly wake up and become presidential material.

    Am not afraid of being convinced. Chances are that this article is presenting the same old tired and lame excuses as to why all sane Zambians should forget the violent history of Sata and suddenly believe he will save Zambia.

    So MrK and Kaiba, let those who have not yet made up their minds as who to vote for read such articles. As for me, am decided and am MMD.

  5. Kaiba,

    " It is disingenuous to say it is an MMD failure. Sata, Scott, Mbita and others were in that government that lost these 100 000 jobs. "

    On the other hand, one cannot just say - this or that person was in government, and jobs were lost, therefore they are to blame.

    The President has an inordinate amount of power, and the president was FTJ, and no one else.

    Also, jobs were lost because of privatisation of the mines, which happened under FTJ. I don't see the PF advocating privatisation.

    Michael Sata may have been number three, but even if he was number two, he still wasn't president.

    And the truth is there are only 2 choices. MMD or PF (the UPND can't win, they can only spoil the results).

    However, even if you don't like Sata, or you think there is no difference between the parties (there is), it is just very healthy to vote a party out of office, until they start listening to your demands as people. It breaks up the cosy relationships that have developed between politics and business. And it lets the party in goverment know they are on notice, and can't take the electorate for granted as is the case today.

  6. It is highly depressing to have to endure such blatant disregard of plain knowledge about a character that at best is a con artist by those who should know better.

    Does it mean that Cho has completely disregarded what is plain about Sata even in the absence of a simple apology for what was committed by this heinous man Sata?

    There is absolutely nothing to commend about Sata other than his abillity to tell open lies.

  7. A simple apology on your part would do for having previously denied that you are a Sata supporter. Your stance has shown that only experience can assist you In matters that demand utmost honesty and truthfulness.

    I am utterly convinced that you are still yet mature to be concerned about matters that affect your progeny because if you did, you would not hold such contempt.

  8. 'Anonymous',

    Enough of the cadreism. You can't intimidate or bully people on this or any platform.

    It is not a crime in a democracy to support any one candidate. Apology? How about you apologize for the bad form of telling people who to support or vote for?

    Obviously, you cannot support the MMD, instead you attack your political opponents, and anyone who would support them. Enough already.

  9. Mr K,

    I have absolutely no clue of what you are ranting about except to note your emotion. So, Mr K, are you the spokesperson for Cho or perhaps you now have become intertwined in your opinions?

  10. MrK,

    Thank you once more for saying exactly what I had in mind.

    Our duty continues to lead while others follow.

    Anonymous should know that I don't respond to anonymous thoughts. Anyone who comments behind a veil does not deserve an open answer.

  11. General
    Thanks for clarifying your position. I thought you were one of those people who by default refuse to consider argument, any argument at all that is contrary to their preconceptions. They are impervious to logic and are proud to admit it.But your position,seems, to have been arrived at after exhausting all alternatives. But still it would not hurt to read the article!


    'Michael Sata may have been number three, but even if he was number two, he still wasn't president'

    For me that is where the problem lies! I do not deny that African Presidents are exceedingly powerful. (Too powerful for the countries good if you would ask me). What role do ministers play? What role do party colleagues play in arriving at decisions? Are we to assume that as long as you aren't the president then you are a mere mindless appendage? And this mindset is what worries me about a Sata presidency. And note i am saying a Sata presidency and not PF presidency. ( Is that why Sata has not bothered with the charade of internal elections in PF? since he knows that in the end it is the president and president only who calls all the shots) For me your admission that, it is down to one individual and not a collective is very worrying. What role do colleagues play? are you saying that they are so inept, so scared, so useless that they are mere appendages to the almighty President? . These colleagues need to take some responsibility for the mess that they got us into.So that is why i say that to put everything that went wrong ,in the lost decade, down to Chiluba alone is disingenuous and inaccurate. Some officers are protected by the constitution and could have taken a principled stand.But where were these officers when things were going wrong?

    And what I am saying about Chiluba's colleagues in the 90s applies to the current admin as well. Where are the principled souls who can stop the pillage? Are they convinced that they will not have to account for their time in Govt. Will they turn around and say it was RB! - and expect people to sheepishly believe them?

    So MrK in a way I see the sense of your statement
    "it is just very healthy to vote a party out of office, until they start listening to your demands as people"

    from the perspective that if people know that they will not be in power forever, then they will know that they may be brought to account. Unfortunately there is little evidence of people being brought to account. Richard Sakala must think of himself as very unfortunate! He seems to be the only one to have paid a price for misdeeds while in power. Admittedly he was the face of the grand corruption and Zaire-nization that took place.But I doubt he was only one.

    So you may ask -what is my position? I will definitely not stand on the fence. I will vote for one of the major parties while holding my nose. The stench from either one is overpowering! But I will choose one that stinks less - which one it is, is what I am trying to figure out!


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