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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Media Is Wasting Your Money

"It is a shame the way the public media is being used by the MMD. The people of Zambia are even made to pay K3,000 per month, for what? That is why people have now shunned watching ZNBC because it is all government propaganda....Zambians have an ownership of the public media because they are taxpayers to these institutions. ZNBC promised that it will accord equal airtime to all political parties but we have not seen that happening. What we see are documentaries of the MMD...We cannot say anything about the private media because we do not know your editorial policies. We do not pay anything to you people...However, the public media is owned by Zambians, they have an ownership. What the public media is doing is wasting your money and my money."
AVAP's Bonnie Tembo on what the public media is doing with your money. The contradiction of MMD's privatisation programme is that it has not sold those things that are genuinely financially bankrupt like Daily Mail - which every Zambian wants them to. More extensive thoughts on the media can be found in our monthly essay - Zambian Media as Agents of Poverty


  1. To spend public money defending political party manifestos is a crime. We don't pay taxes for these to be used to defend the MMD, the PF or whatever political party is in power. Public media needs to serve the entire nation not be immersed in partisan propaganda. Our laws need to expressly protect public media from any such interference.
    It has not in the first place been put to debate why the govt needs to own media in a democracy. The govt is always overly powerful. It can't claim that it needs media and so much of it to disseminate information.This will merely be an excuse to excessively interfere in citizens' freedom of speech.
    In a situation like Zambia's this ownership has created a need for opposing media. The Post has slipped into this niche and found there's a market to be exploited in the anti-govt segment.
    Journalists are then turned into political tools for and against a political agenda. They are no. Longer in the business of diseminating information but in identifying who to assasinate politically.
    What this also does is to skew the market in this industry. Private media can't fairly compete with subsidised media especially when the latter dominates a market like in Zambia. We probably need a complaints commission to which we can take cases of biased coverage and misuse of public media.

  2. A broadcast Commission would be manipulated by govt as appointing. authority. The best way forward is to privatise all media and bar govt from owning media like they have done in the US. The. Ministry. Of information should be scrapped because it only is there to control media. There is no developed Democracy that has such a Ministry. I don't see the PF doing all this but a progressive party with. Young minds like Elias Chipimo would

  3. The best way forward is to have a constitutional separation between the government (president, ministers, cabinet) and the state (civil service, parastatals, state agencies - the permanent business of government) in hiring and budgeting.


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