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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The NAREP Vision

NAREP's Elias Chipimo makes the case for a different vision for Zambia.


  1. Interesting, however without taxing the mines, it is all very vague. I also don't like his statement on 'protecting property rights'. The Development Agreements have to be done away with. If he can't be clear on that now, what is going to happen once he is in State House?

    Anyway, to win you have to have a large party and run in lots of constituencies.

  2. ya MrK haven't we have had enough of a centrally control approach. protection of intellectual property is the way to go. zambians fear investing in zambia because any time gov or the most powerful politician of the day change any thing leading private investments being lost. job creation through the private sector is the way out because it sustainable. those thing where gov should take all our money in the form of tax and dump it unproductive sector is not sustainable. let have less of gov in our daily business and more of private peoples delivering goods and services

  3. MrK, I imagine you don't own any property?...otherwise how could you object to his stance on property rights? The kind of development agreements we have clearly need to be done away with...but transparent, generative, and sensible developments are necessary for anyone to invest one dollar in Zambia.


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