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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Welcome competition

The PF Vice President Guy Scott has a new blog. This will hopefully drive all the rude MMD cadres who complain and constantly leave insults to his blog. 


  1. Cho,
    I thought you were all for freedom of expression. It never occurred to me that you had a problem with people who disagreed with you.

  2. I have no problem with thoughtful reflections that challenges my own thinking from "thoughtful" MMD cadres. I have only got a problem with "rude" MMD cadres

  3. General,

    Give me a break.

  4. zambia-econonmist i did know your idea of discussion goes with everyone agreeing with you. but you know we cannot be that crazy to agree with you all the time. your alignment with polictical party have made your analysis lest object and no wonder to have got criticism from "MMD cadres" as you put it

  5. Aaron,

    I suppose I can spend a whole lot of time answering meaningless accusations from folks. Unfortunately that would mean fewer posts for people to read. So I hope you won't find it rude when I ignore your such comments which are littered elsewhere on this website (which you think is so biased). Everyone is entitled to their opinion.


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