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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Zambia's Iron Lady

I am aware that there is a scheme to remove me and give my position to the preferred losing candidate. Am also aware that there are schemes to frame fake charges against me to pave way for a vacancy so that the preferred candidate takes over. I know about all these schemes meant to destroy and scandalise me in the public eyes.

I have therefore decided to quit to make your work easy by giving you advance notice of my termination of my membership so that I help you reduce unnecessary costs of stage-managed attacks on my integrity in your government-controlled TV and newspapers. Maybe the abuse of public resources and government media can be reduced since I will no longer be a factor. And maybe you can channel the resources to needy social areas instead of paying cadres to insult me. Please advise the President against bringing innocent institutional officers in politics.
You can read the rest of Masebo's powerful resignation letter via The Post. One is hard pressed to remember the last time a Zambian female politician expressed herself so powerfully and eloquently. The days of the chitenge dancing women must surely come to an end. For all their worship of male politicians, Zambian women continue to be victimised and the alleged hatred of Masebo by the President and his friends must surely be seen in that general cultural context. The struggle against victimisation is one women must lead for themselves and with the likes of Masebo in the forefront, there's reason to hope. 

The only technical correction to make is that the government papers and television are not "government controlled", they are MMD controlled.  Government is made up of three branches - Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. The papers and television in question are puppets of the Executive Branch (although our thoughts of poverty of the judiciary are well established).


  1. I have to say I applauded Ms Masebo for the content of this letter when I read it this morning. I honestly can't remember a time when she was this articulate about an issue, and really got to heart of the matter. This is definitely a small victory for politicians who will not let themselves be rail-roaded by the party hacks.

    I certainly don't think the days of women dancing to the tune played by male politicians in Zambian politics is over, but this is a small step in the right direction. One can only hope Ms Masebo takes her newly found spine to her next job with the PF (I'm assuming that's where she's headed) and doesn't get back to business as usual (yes, bwana).

  2. how did this speech deteriorate from a political speech to a pitch of women against men.this is not about men against women or vice versa. its a political position of one women nothing more. whoever was making this analysis is off key. and its crazy how in this country we applaud political nomads. its crazy.
    just to show how misleading the analysis is, Miss Bwalya seems to agree that women dancing for women is ok. crazy i tell you. we should be asking women and men not to think like cadres but independently
    as far as i am concerned i see no thing great about masebo. she outline things about us the people. no economy plan, no health plan just her political servival. and we are applauding? will we ever change

  3. I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that I think "women dancing for women is ok." I clearly stated I'm happy she took a position about something and articulated it well. I further said I hope she continues speaking up for herself in her next capacity.

    Please go back and read my comments slowly and thoughtfully.

  4. Miss Bwalya my choice of words and phrases may have been in bad taste. but i wanted to underscore the the fact that readers are been diverted from looking at the real issues and contents of msebo's speech. and really it would appease political party cadres but not independent minds. these are no issues raised that are important to people except to masebo's friends and enemies. whoever wrong the anaysis about that speech is disasppointing especially for site. that analysis is only fitting for a publication contrlled by a political party

  5. Aaron,I beg to differ with your assertion that the content of Masebo's letter is only important to her friends and enemies. I believe her allegations should be taken seriously by all of us who are interested in the maturation of our democracy.

    If political parties such as MMD are dictatorial within their ranks, I question their ability to govern democratically at the local, provincial & national level. I understand the value of having a united front to prevent losing ground to the competition but expelling members left and right because they don't agree with the party president and his inner circle is petty and counter-productive. MMD does not belong to one person - it was a movement spearheaded by people who wanted a better and different way of handling politics and governance. But recent years have shown how ego and self-centredness have taken over.

    I'm sure an independent mind such as yourself can see the truth in this.

  6. Miss Bwalya now that we are are talking about the contents. i am in agreement with you. like you i don't agree with the ills that are occuring in MMD more so the one sponsored by the republican president. but we as a people need to stop always praising these politicians who move from one party to the next. it immoral and does not add value to our democracy.more importantly it provides fertile ground for corruption. masebo will finally finally make a turn through all the major parties. all politician who hope from party to party are unprincipled.
    if you look at masebo what did she say that is of economic importance to our country . she didn't differ with MMD on any policies that affect us, only personal power struggles. tell me what was so powerful about that. where are the politician who will resign because gov is implementing harmful policies. when Dipak patel resigned from MMD he talked about things affecting people not how much chiluba hates him.
    my retired parent can't get any health care after all the years they gave to their country and Masebo said nothing that can or will change that. so what is so powerful about that

  7. Aaron, let’s get back to the basics. Not every politician leaves his or her political party because of ideological differences. Sometimes it is simply because for personal reasons which may be a result of internal persecution (perceived or real). They are entitled to do so, and I don’t see a need to demand more reasons than that. Where we run into problems is when someone cites personal reasons for his or her departure and then later starts bad mouthing policies he/she was responsible for championing and implementing simply because it’s the popular thing to do in an attempt to rebrand or differentiate themselves – please see Magande, Mpombo, Mulongoti, Sata and others.

    So, I stand by my personal decision for applauding Ms Masebo in articulating her reasons for leaving. She stated it clearly and succinctly. I’m not as silly as you would like to portray me as someone who just applauds party bandwagon jumpers.

  8. i can assure you that because you allow so much room for politicians to do whatever they want, when PF takes over half of the chaps now in MMD will be in PF. i hope you have seen the trend already. will always be stuck with the same characters only rebranded. Masebo said nothing that we as zambian will benefit. she is only leaving most probablt for PF because PF is likely to win the elections. and masebo does not deserve your or my praise because she does not stand for us. let politicians unit based on polices championed not friendship or popularity or any thing else.
    PF itself has no ideological difference with MMD. i would rather change to NAREP then

  9. Miss Bwalya just to add i foresee katele kaluba who was convicted of corruption charges to join the winning team and be part of gov again. i bet many of us will praise him for that. after all he will tell us how much hatred is in MMD, and the good future will have with visionary leader. and we as a nation will buy this
    so this is our cycle of politics and its not even the politicians' fault, it ours.

  10. just as i predicted even after joining PF masebo outline no plan for the people of chongwe of zambians in general.all she is concerned about is her personal differences with RB. just to prove my point i really really hope she will win her sit back.

  11. @Aaron, if we had many people who think and reason like you, Zambia would have been better than where it is right now...the biggest problem, or maybe weakness that we have in Zambia is a poor constitution which is used and abused by the very people who swear to defend it. Put in place a strong constitution and you will prevent this business of hoping from one political party to another. i mean Ms. Masebo stood on ZRP, MMD and now PF for Chongwe constituency....after 5 yrs what are the prospects that she will not hop onto the NAREP bandwagon, or the Magande Party, after all she supported his bid for Presidency..


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