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Friday, 15 July 2011

MMD Manifesto: Judicial Reforms

The important of the justice system to the function of the society has been discussed extensive in our two monthly essays - Reforming Our Policing Services (April 2011); and A Poverty of Zambian Justice (June 2011). They provide useful background to the critical nature of this area and the current challenges we are facing.

What are the main specific policy proposals?

The MMD has no specific policy section on judicial or justice reforms. The only statement in the manifesto on this subject is that: “Zambia will not gain anything from its economic and social programmes, if there is no confidence in our judicial system, peace is threatened, illegal business activities make a few rich at the expense of the majority and if wasteful usage of national resources is not checked. The MMD government will, therefore, continue to fight corruption, by ensuring that all institutions of good governance and oversight are strengthened legally and financially” (page 45).

But realising the judiciary is important is not the same as proposing how you plan to make it stronger.

What is the rationale?

No problems have been identified.

What is our main assessment?

The manifesto has absolutely no new policies whatsoever under this area. MMD evidently believes the status quo is working well. It does not acknowledge any deficiencies with the current justice or judicial system. This is becoming a feature of key areas as we peruse through the MMD manifesto. No policy diagnosis. No commitments. No vision for the future.

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