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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What can we learn from ZANACO?

"[Dr Musokotwane] said the lesson that Zambians must learn from the privatisation of Zanaco is that they should be careful with people who encourage them to be satisfied with the status quo even when they have seen problems.."
According to the Daily Mess...Oops I mean the Daily Mail. Any the serious point is that this not the lesson. A better lesson is that an ownership model of foreign investors, workers and ordinary Zambians can be superior to either extremes of privatisation or 100% government ownership. The challenge of course is finding where different models work best as noted here. More on the ZANACO model can be found under the post ZANACO - A successful privatisation story?

As a side note, one cannot escape the irony. Too eager to defend his ongoing efforts to sell Lusaka International Airport to Turkish merchants, Mr Musokotwane inadvertently suggests that Zambians have a right to seek change and should not be content with the status quo. Presumably he does not realise that this is an election year, when his opponents surely agree with him for the first time!

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  1. Musokotwane is right in the quoted statement and many zambians i think agree with him. we need smaller gov not big gov that control everything. for me as a zambian to live well i don't need my gov to keep banks on my behalf.
    apply the same statement to zamtel and look at the equivalents in africa


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