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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What is wrong with Chituwo's statement?

Law enforcement agencies have been given a go ahead to investigate and prosecute culprits involved in the land scam at the PF led Lusaka city council. Local Government Minister Brian Chituwo says law enforcement agencies have been given a go ahead to determine whether criminal charges can be laid against erring officers at the council. Dr Chituwo says the report made various recommendations on issues relating money laundering, illegal land allocations and other criminal matters. He says government will only deal with recommendations that require administrative action and allow the law to take its course too. Dr Chituwo has warned all councils in the country to desist from being selfish and unprofessional but focus on service delivery.
From the Zambian people owned, but MMD controlled ZNBC.

1 comment:

  1. when public fund or facility is abused the police should be informed. let the investigate on their on. they do not need a minister or president to give a go ahead. so is chituwo telling us that he reserves the right to stop the police from investigating. is this the rule of law or of man


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