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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Zambian Diaspora Survey Report (2011)

An important report which has been in the making for sometime. Well worth a read and of course we are mentioned :) The great challenge we see is how this report emerges post-elections. It is vital that members of the Diaspora take the initiative and continue lobbying all political parties. It is of course in the interest of all Zambians to see a more effective diaspora policy, but its especially for the Diaspora to lead the fight in this area - not sitting idly or fail to see beyond the political positioning, as they so often do :
Zambian Diaspora Survey Report - 2011

1 comment:

  1. A very interesting read. Thanks for sharing!

    The vast majority of people that I speak to within the diaspora have a strong willingness to contribute towards the development of Zambia.

    One of the main drawbacks is the assumption that 'nothing will ever change, so why bother'. People need to realise that it is our country and our responsibility. There needs to be more information about the various means that we can use to 'give back. It doesn't need to be about vast amounts of money or significant constraints on our time.

    I was particularly interested to read about plans to implement effective skills transfer programmes, encouraging ease of investment in the country from abroad and increased levels of communication about opportunities in Zambia.

    It remains to be seen how many of these findings are addressed but as you say we cannot simply sit back and wait. We must take the initiative. After all many of us live in countries were we have learnt that concerted campaigning and lobbying can achieve dramatic effects.

    Also, lets here it for African stock exchanges!


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