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Thursday, 4 August 2011

An Apology to Mr Chibamba Kanyama

Zambian Economist wishes to express its full and sincere apologies for the offence caused by the comments of some of our readership on an article published on 20 August 2010 titled "Impersonating Economists". Though the blog post did not mention Mr Kanyama (nor was it about him), subsequent readers' comments were disparaging to him and caused offence. The relevant article has now been deleted. 

We have apologised to Mr Kanyama directly and accepted our responsibility to always ensure that both articles we publish and comments made by our readership are not insulting. We are thankful to Mr Kanyama for accepting our apologies.  

We also wish to go on record by expressing our high view of the intellectual and practical contribution Mr Kanyama has made, and continues to make, to economic and business issues in Zambia. Not least as demonstrated in his latest excellent book, "Business Values for Our Time".  He deserves the full support and admiration of all well meaning Zambians. 

Finally, we would ask all our readers to recognise the high standards this website aspires to and ensure your comments about those in the public remain respectful, even as you hold them to account. Above all substantiate your facts and be mindful of the damage they may cause. This website is now very highly regarded by many. It would be a pity if we had to close it down because it became too onerous to police offensive, unsubstantiated and disparaging remarks.