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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Elections Weekend

We are aware that this year we have not spent too much time reporting on various electoral development apart from a few pieces here and there. We think that other forums are providing effective election coverage. So as always, we focus on what you may have missed. A few pieces of analysis that we think may be of interesting to check out on this final weekend :

The Electoral (Code of Conduct) Regulations, 2011. The refreshed code of conduct sets out what is expected.

Social Media to Monitor ElectionsThe IPS have an interesting piece on Bantu Watch. This is a supremely critical website -  It will be the main tool for looking at various incidents taking place between now and during the elections e.g. violence, fraud, corruption. There already interesting reports there.

The 2008 presidential elections in Zambia: incumbency, political contestation and failure of political opposition. A useful autopsy by Neo Simuntanyi on the 2008 elections which should spark a few thoughts on what may be different next week.

Zambia Election Briefing 2011: Battle Of The Dinosaurs – By Giacomo Macola And Jack Hoga. Perhaps the best assessment so far on the pending elections. Giacomo Macola is the author of the Kazembe Kingdom and editor of One Zambia, Many Histories.

Zambia's Election : Cobra vs Codger. A piece in the Economist magazine argues that Zambia's policies are unlikely to change.


  1. I picked this summary from the PF manifesto and am happy to see it confirms the core platform of empowering and involving 13 million Zambians that Guy, Wynter and Michael have discussed with me over the past 20 years.

    1) PF believes in – fixing broken government by people power
    2) PF believes in - decentralised government - more empowering and less big men
    3) PF believes in - harmonising traditional and modern values to develop a truly Zambian culture
    4) PF believes in - recognising traditional land rights – trust your farm, your village, your community’s land is safe
    5) PF believes in– restoring good management of your environment through strong community partnerships
    6) PF believes in - restoring natural resources- more fish, more forests, more wildlife - less hunger.
    7) PF believes in – fighting livestock disease for increased wealth and prosperity
    8) PF believes in – building an agriculture based economy for a stable future
    9) PF believes in – tourism partnerships that Zambians can be proud of
    10) PF believes in – better education and more skills training for more Zambian jobs

  2. 11) PF- believes in – better health, family values, improved quality of life for all citizens
    12) PF believes in – helping vulnerable citizens get back into mainstream society
    13) PF believes in – equal opportunity and reducing the gap between haves and have nots
    14) PF believes in – equal pay for equal work in fair conditions
    15) PF believes in – smart, diverse, appropriate energy development for all
    16) PF believes in – maximising Zambia’s benefit from mining and investing wisely for the future
    17) PF believes in – making government business friendly and encouraging rural investment
    18) PF believes in – embracing science and technology for development
    19) PF believes in – promoting public and private investment into infrastructure
    20) PF believes in – justice, equality, rule of law and a constitution agreed by all citizens
    21) PF believes in – transparent, democratic elections that reflect the will of the people
    22) PF believes in – separation of powers between executive, judiciary and legislature
    23) PF believes in – freedom of religion, association and expression
    24) PF believes in – freedom of information and open government
    25) PF believes in – Peace and stability through good international relations

    Aim high!


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