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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Final Election Results

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has released the final count of elected Members of Parliament following the September 20th tripartite elections.

The Patriotic Front (PF) has taken 60 seats from the 148 seats. Of the 60, 8 are females.

MMD was second with 55 seats. Of the 55, 6 are female.

28 seats have gone to the UPND with 2 female MPs.

Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD) together with the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has 1 seat each. 3  seats have been taken up by independent members of parliament.

So, it's a minority government proper. As we (and Mr Milupi) predicted before the elections no one got beyond 60 seats.

Full detailed constituencies with MP names can be found here.


  1. Bear in mind that the two deferred seats will go to PF.

  2. With such a balance, will the re-introduction of a new constitution pass? We do not want to lose money. Careful PF.

  3. Nakonde is most likely to go to PF. But remember in both cases, candidates died before an electin. There is a chance of a sympathetic vote. Consequently, the Magoye seat may either go to Magande's party whose candidate died, or in a not so predictable manner, to the UPND. Just a thought.

  4. what about the presidential? what is the final after the 7 seats?

  5. bravo.....great job ZE..u kept us posted...
    God bless

  6. It's surprising and disappointing that the ECZ website still is not showing all the results! I'm inclined to believe brother ZE when he says that the initial results which were pulled down by the ECZ and called 'false' by the chair were actually correct.

    Probably, when the decision was made to rig, someone forgot to tell the IT guys to turn off the automatic updating of the website which had a realtime link to the raw data as it came in!

    Or even better: someone with a conscience turned the switch back on after someone had turn it off! Nice parting shot from a mole for the people, our own Julian Assange!

    The first test for the ECZ is how it is runs the next few by-elections. Efficiency should be their watchword.

    And the PF will have to go out of its way to ensure that there is not even a hint of use of public resources! Not even a whisper. PF, don't disappoint us, and don't give your many enemies ammunition in their campaign to prove to Zambians that they made a mistake by voting you in.


  7. No updates on The Post's website for days now, in fact no updates since the election.

    Also, have any of the MMD ministers started packing their bags yet? Where would they fly to, some country without an extradition treatment with Zambia?

  8. Do you have the list of names etc? ECZ website is still "updating results, check back later" lol

  9. Sasha,

    I know what you mean! I keep checking back, but it is pretty shocking that there has been no discernible change made to the entire ECZ site since that notice was put up on Wed. The only thing I can see changing is the vast increase in Facebook "likes", currently up to 1863. Maybe they are confusing that with the date and are waiting for it to reach 2011 before they release?

  10. We'll be waiting long, it's only up to 1865 now! lol

  11. Looking at how the final results are particularly in the parliamentary section it is very clear that the PF MPs will be in the minority.The question is, how will they transact parliamentary business?

  12. it is quite clear from the distribution of parliamentary seats that President Sata has no choice but to eat humble pie and revive the collapsed PF/UPND pact, otherwise his government will be doomed to be a lame-duck government that can't conduct serious government business in parliament because they are in the minority.

  13. Currently Gov offices - do not inspire confidence.
    Govt employees - most are poorly paid; this is well reflected in their "efficiency and attitude to work" - frankly most survive by taking something from the public they serve. You want a passport, reg card etc - you wont get it unless you pay something.Don't expect much unlesss you pay people well or at least "living wages" !!! One possible solution: Reduce number of gov positions and pay the remaining employees well (living wages - from cleaner to minister). The fewer remaining employees will value their higher paying jobs and (with a bit of training and higher expectation) will increase their performance/efficiency/productivity.

  14. With the election of Sata, many in Zambia hope for change and better availability of jobs.

    Read More:

  15. ECZ website's facebook-calendar has crawled up to year 1885, we can hope for full numbers to be published sometime after they catch up to the invention of the computer and internet in around a century I figure. I would have thought that they would like to throw the numbers at us so that we can praise their work, do our various demographic analyses, write our various news reports or journal articles or scholarly papers, and thereby have us all off their backs until the next by-elections at least. Instead I feel almost obligated to mention the fact that actual numbers of votes from the 150 constituencies have not been made available via the announced protocols, if only to make it absolutely clear that there are people waiting, patiently for the most part because we know that it is a sizable task, but if the numbers don't become available for analysis soon the tone in the free press may start to change again.

    Please ECZ, you have had enough bad press for one election cycle, just put the numbers out somewhere, we will enter them into spreadsheets for you if that is the hold up. If you want charts or graphs the blogosphere will doubtless be racing each other to post some. If you would rather just issue a paper copy and let civil society and media scan it into a .pdf and pay to host links to it on the web we can do that. Let us do the work of displaying the detailed breakdown of results and translating them into spreadsheet matrices, we are going to do it anyway after all, and you people already did your bit by making sure they all got counted, free and fair. I want very much to be able to thank you, and then get on with informing the public.

  16. This is a very good sign! ECZ website showing signs of life with official posting of the list of winners' names. I am very glad that they are not ignoring the option to placate us media jackals with the occasional bit of fresh meat!

  17. Hooray for the ECZ! Numbers are out in .pdf form via the results site! Dive in folks, time to figure out what happened where and then argue about why. Seriously, big kudos to the ECZ folks for being so responsive! We have every reason to trust these numbers.

    See: under Headlines.


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