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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Affordable Solar Power

A fascinating presentation from ToughStuff International on their affordable solar powered energy solutions for poor consumers in the developing world.ToughStuff won a 2011 Ashden Award in recognition of its success in making small, reliable, solar-powered products available and affordable for off-grid users in Africa (you can read more here). (HT: Yakima).

I was particularly impressed by the "social entrepreneurship" dimension.  It would be great to see this taken forward in rural areas in Zambia.  Incidentally watching the above video reminded of the great need within Government for an "ideas champion" within the government (with a unit) that could pro-actively source these kinds "off the wall" ideas and see them tested. Large corporations have such "gurus", so do most governments in the developed world. 


  1. Hearing Mr. George Gitau talk about ToughStuff solar panels, especially it being "modular," you can really see that ToughStuff's intention is to help people and make solar energy be affordable to the poorer rural areas. Some solar power companies merely aim for profit. Great work ToughStuff.

  2. Totally perfect for our fellows over there. Better yet, grab bernstein distributors for the advantage electric supply of materials.


  3. Where can i buy the all system for solar.
    which can run the house with electrical appliances
    Paul mwansa in Zambia


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