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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Aviation Watch (New Routes)

Two key recent air developments that underlines Zambia's growing connectivity : 

Emirates will start flying into Lusaka as it expands its destinations in Africa :
The Dubai-Lusaka-Harare service would be operated by an A330-200 aircraft in a three-class configuration that offers 12 luxurious First Class seats, 42 seats in Business Class and generous space for 183 passengers in Economy Class...Passengers flying Emirates from Lusaka and Harare would be able to connect seamlessly to points across the Far and Middle East, Indian sub-continent, Europe and Australasia via the airline's hub in Dubai. Starting February 1, 2012, EK 713 would depart Dubai every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 09:25 hours, arriving in Lusaka at 14:50 hours. The service would depart Lusaka at 16:20 hours, arriving in Harare at 17:20 hours. The return flight leaves Harare at 19:20 hours, arriving Lusaka at 20:20 hours; and departs Lusaka at 21:50 and lands in Dubai at 07:10 hours the next day.
Kenya Airways announced that it will shortly commence flights from Lusaka to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
The airline which will operate the route twice a week every Tuesday and Saturday on a Boeing 737-800 commences on October 18, this year....In Zambia, Kenya Airways operates the highest northbound flights from Zambia via Nairobi connecting to more than 3500 cities worldwide. Jeddah is the economic and tourist capital of Saudi Arabia with an estimated population of about 3.4 million people and is the second largest city after the capital city Riyadh. 


  1. This is good reason to seriously consider the introduction of a national airline. Partnership with other international couriers would help boost tourism to Zambia and expose investors to business and investment opportunities that are available in Zambia. Globalization is not a meant to lag behind in new innovations but to partner with the rest of the world in developing and shaping the world economy.

    Kunda M.

  2. Rail connectivity may be in the works too, feasibility for three additional lines being studied.


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