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Friday, 7 October 2011

Lessons from Zambia's election

The good :
....the duo said that Botswana should adopt a 48-hr cooling period prior to elections, instead of closing campaign activities at 12 am, a few hours before elections. They said this would help people to vote with cool heads. They also said that the creation of multiple voting streams, which are arranged in alphabetical order can help ease queues at polling stations, as it is easier for voting officers to do their work. In Botswana, people just queue up and it takes at least four minutes before a voter's name can be located in the voters' roll, something that the MPs say should be reviewed. They said that the multiple voting streams are effective and voters do not spend hours in queues waiting to vote.

The bad:
The MPs also observed that there is need for transparency in political funding to enhance equitable distribution of funds. "There is, therefore, need to come up with a legislative framework for public funding of political parties as well as provisions for disclosure of sources of funding to level the playing field," Molao said. They added that there were very few women candidates in the elections with only one presidential candidate. Out of a total of about 450 parliamentary candidates for 150 national assembly seats, only 85 women candidates succeeded from different political parties.
More detail via Botwana's Mmegi Online

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